Module Identifier SPM0530  
Academic Year 2000/2001  
Co-ordinator Professor Gwynne Edwards  
Semester Semester 2  
Other staff Dr Rob Stone  

Aims of the module
This module examines representative works by four outstanding film-directors. The forty-year period covered allows for an
examination of the evolution of Spanish cinema during the Franco dictatorship and the subsequent transition to democracy.

Luis Bunuel, Los olvidados; Carlos Saura, La prima Angelica; Victor Erice, El sur; Pedro Almodovar, Tacones lejanos,

Tutors: Professor Gwynne Edwards and Mr Rob Stone.

Reading Lists
Edwards G. (1982) The Discreet Charm of Luis Bunuel. London: Marion Boyars, London
Edwards G. (1995) Indecent Exposures: Bunuel, Saura, Erice @ Almodovar. London: Marion Boyars,
Higginbotham V. (1988) Spanish Film under Franco, Austin:. University of Texas
Hopewell J. (1986) Out of the Past: Spanish Cinema after Franco. London, British Film Institute,
Hidalgo M. (1981) Carlos Saura.
Kinder M. (1993) Blood Cinema. Los Angeles: University of California