Module Identifier AR30510  
Module Title DRAWING 3  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Mr Paul Croft  
Semester Semester 1  
Other staff Mr Simon Pierse  
Course delivery Seminar   2 Hours  
  Tutorial   6 Hours  
  Practical   66 Hours  
Assessment Portfolio     100%  

Brief description

Final year students motivate their own projects and this module can be used by students from any option, including photography, who see drawing as an art form in addition to investigation and analysis.


The aim of the Drawing 3 module is to explore within the bounds of a graphic medium, subject matter that is of central interest to the student that is the basis for work being completed in other areas such as painting, photography and printmaking and illustration.
The works – ‘drawings’ – completed for this module should be seen as ends in themselves, rather than just as studies, sketches or preliminary studies towards final pieces in other media. It is important however that strong links are identified between this module and work being completed in other areas and the finished drawings should be viewed as complementing, supporting and allied to this other work.
It is hoped that by completing this module, students will have a clearer understanding of the subject matter that they are dealing with - leading to a sound foundation for work to be embarked upon during the following semester.
Throughout the duration of the module the students are given the opportunity to discuss their work with the rest of the group – referring to the nature of the subject matter, its meaning to them, what methods of research have been used, the strategy used for developing ideas, development of media used and how the drawings relate to work completed in other areas.
They are also urged to contextualise and inform their working practice by researching the work of specific artists who are of interest to them and whom they feel are of influence

The module aims:


Upon completion of the module students will possess: