Module Identifier BSM0520  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Dr Alan Bond  
Semester Semester 2  
Other staff Dr J Lane, Professor John Barrett, Dr Lesley Manchester  
Course delivery Lecture   30 Hours  
  Case Study   5 x 3 hours  
Assessment Assignment     50%  
  Exam   The format will involve students having to answer one question on SIA, one on RA and one on EHIA   50%  
  Resit assessment   Essay    
Further details  

Learning outcomes

On completion of the course the successful student will be familiar with the nature and key techniques associated with risk, health and social impact assessment. Students will also understand the relationship between these disciplines and the benefits which could be obtained from their integration. They will be able to indicate the data requirements and data sources for risk assessments and indicate the appropriate method to use in different circumstances. They will be able to discuss the various scenarios which lead to health problems as a result of developments projects. Finally, they will be aware of the need for and role of social impact assessment within an EIA. Students should be able to design appropriate questionnaire surveys or semi-structured interviews for SIA data collection.


Aims and objectives

To establish the link between environmental impact assessment and risk, health and social impact assessment and to familiarise students with i) the main concepts and techniques of probabilistic risk assessment; ii) the links between the environment and human health; iii) the theory and practice of Social Impact Assessment.

Reading Lists

** Recommended Text
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