Module Identifier BSM6310  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Dr Andrew Walker  
Semester Available all semesters  
Assessment Exam   1 hour essay + 4 short questions - total 2 hours    

Module objectives / Learning outcomes

Enabling objectives:

After studying this module you should be able to:

Terminal objective:

Aims and objectives

The main aims of this module are to provide you with an understanding of the environmental audit procedure, and the requirements of the International Standards Organisation's (ISO) ISO14010 series of Environmental Auditing Standards.

The environmental audit procedure is broken down into its constituent phases for you to obtain a fuller understanding of the steps which have to be taken in order for an organisation to implement a programme which will benefit not only the environment, but also the organisation itself.

Each phase of the process is described in detail, allowing you to identify the key points which are essential to the success of an environmental audit.