Module Identifier BSM8120  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Dr John Scullion  
Semester Available all semesters  
Assessment Report   2000 word report   50%  
  Exam   examination - 1.5 hours   50%  


In this module we will look at issues of inorganic contamination. The first chapter will start with some basic soil science which you will need in order to understand later material relating to contamination. We will then look at acidic, saline, alkaline and metal contaminated materials in sequence. Acid and alkaline materials are dealt with before problems of metal contamination because of the overriding influence of pH on metal behaviour.

Within each of the `contamination? chapters, we will consider how these problems arise, the underlying science required to understand the properties and behaviour of contaminants, and the options for reclaiming affected sites.   

Although these individual problems are treated separately, you will be aware that on many sites they occur together.

Module objectives / Learning outcomes

Enabling objectives

After studying this module you should be able to: