Module Identifier DR31720  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Mr Richard Cheshire  
Semester Semester 1  
Pre-Requisite DR21510  
Course delivery Workshop   Intense rehearsal/workshop period and public performance.  
Assessment Continuous assessment   Rehearsal and performance   100%  


- To experience working as a student actor/actress on an intensive practice project under the guidance and directorship of an experienced theatre practitioner.
- To learn how to respond to direction from both the staff director and his/her assistant directors and work constructively, both 'inside' and 'outside' the rehearsal room, within the guidelines and given circumstances, towards the collective presentation of the project in performance.

Learning Outcomes:

Typically, upon completion of this module, the student will be able:

- To use and develop key performance skills, introduced in the Level 2 Acting modules, in the creation of a role(s) in the context of a major Departmental production.
- To present such role(s) in a fully-developed manner within the general conception and framework given by the director in rehearsal, and in a public performance.
- To demonstrate, at a more sophisticated level, the skills necessary to work effectively in rehearsal, and an understanding of the actor?s contribution as a communicator within a complex theatre process.


Students will be cast, as student actor/actresses in a third year project as part of the Department's English-medium practical semester. This project will be led by an experienced practitioner who will construct an appropriate rehearsal methodology specifically designed for the project. During rehearsals it is hoped that the students will encounter and experience the relevant games, improvisations, exercises and workshops, which will aid each student?s understanding and ability to fulfill the acting requirements specified by his/her allocation. After the rehearsal period (usually a minimum of 4 weeks) the project will culminate in four or five public performances. This will be followed by a post-production discussion with all those who participated in the project, during which students will analyse the process experienced and assess their personal contribution to the project.

Reading Lists

Essential Reading or Viewing:.
This will depend on the production project assigned. The staff directors on a project-to-project basis will provide a detailed bibliography and suggest appropriate areas of research..
Recommended Secondary Reading:.
The Department has a supplementary booklet recommending reading lists for all practical modules..