Module Identifier EA21510  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Professor Alex Maltman  
Semester Semester 1  
Other staff Dr Charles Bendall, Dr Robert Whittington  
Course delivery Lecture   30 Hours Up to 10 x 3 hours  
Assessment Supplementary examination   2 Hours   100%  
  Exam   2 Hours Written examination, with the title of the essay on the ODP component, worth 25%, announced in advance.   100%  

Module Outline (Lecture Themes)

An introduction to Oceanography. The methods and techniques used in marine geological investigations and the processes and products of marine sedimentation.

Topics to be addressed:

An introduction to Oceanography

Overview of oceanography. Open University Video

Techniques in Marine Geology

Marine Navigation; GPS. Research Vessels
Seabed and subseabed sampling; dredge and core sampling; divers; ROVs; submersibles; boreholes.
Satellite bathymetry. Single beam echo sounding. Swath bathymetry
Side Scan Sonar; basic physics of method; distortions; shelf surveying; GLORIA and TOBI surveying of the deep ocean.
Seismic reflection; basic physics of methods; analogue single channel reflection profiles; multi-channel digital reflection profiles.

The Ocean Drilling Programme (ODP)

Marine and laboratory techniques; range of the project; case studies on convergent plate margins.

Continental Shelves, Ocean basins, Tectonics and Sedimentation

Plate tectonics and the oceans; climate, waves, tides and ocean currents. Shallow marine siliciclastic sedimentation. Shallow marine carbonate sedimtation. Deep water sedimentation, turbidites and oozes.

Video linked into separate lecture courses above.
Waves   Open University Video
Currents   Open University Video
Oceans and Climate   Open University Video
Global Sea Level   Open University Video
The Ocean Floor   Open University Video
Rockall   Open University Video
Jamaica and the Sea   Open University Video
Polar Science   Open University and other videos
Marine Minerals   Other videos
Deep Marine Life   Other videos

Aims of the module

The scope and range of Oceanography. The variety of methods and techniques used in the investigation of the marine geological environment. The processes and products of marine sedimentation from continental shelves to the deep oceans including biological and bacterial influences.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of :-

Reading Lists

** Recommended Text
Kershaw, S.. (2000) Oceanography: An Earth Science Perspective. Stanley Thornes Publishing 07487 54423
** Supplementary Text
(1991) Waves, Tides and Shallow Water processes.. Open University. 008036371-7
The Ocean Basins: Their Structure and Evolution.. Open University. 008036365-2
Summerhayes, G.P. and Thorpe, S.A. (eds). (1996) Oceanography : An illustrated guide.. Manson Publishing. 1-874545-37-5

Web Page/Sites
** Consult For Futher Information
Latest information on the ODP is at:-.
Logging aspects are covered at:-.
Proposed European contribution to ocean drilling is summarised at:-.
Future ocean drilling plans are outlined at:-.