Module Identifier EAM0220  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Professor Alex Maltman  
Semester Semester 1  
Other staff Dr Bryn Hubbard, Dr Tony Jones, Professor Michael Hambrey, Dr Paul Brewer, Mr Richard Walker  
Course delivery Contact Hours   11 x 3 hour sessions, consisting of various permutations of lectures, laboratory practicals and field project work.  
Assessment Course work   Assessed on five in-course independent practical project reports, on geological maps (20%), sedimentological methods (20%), surveying (20%), field hydrological techniques (10%), and engineering characterisation (20%), and an essay on an aspect of environmental geophysics (10%).   100%  
  Resit assessment   Failed reports and essays can be resubmitted to the IGES office on or before the first day of the summer resit period (normally mid-August).    

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module, students will be able to

Brief description

This core module will provide students with an overview of methods routinely used to analyse, assess, and monitor physical aspects of the earth's surface and its immediate subsurface environment. These will include: the principles of geological maps, including desk studies of published bedrock and superficial deposit maps and related environmental (soil, land-use, geomorphological, hazard, geochemical) maps; the collection and representation of sedimentological data, including sampling strategies, interpretations and graphical methods; surveying and geomorphological techniques, including GPS, EDM, levelling, and automated data techniques; an introduction to environmental geophysics, including gravity, magnetic, electromagnetic (incl GPR) seismic and sonar methods; field hydrological techniques, emphasising practical methods of monitoring and assessing water discharge; and laboratory and field methods used in the engineering characterisation of earth materials, such as rocks, aggregates, and superficial deposits ('soils').

Reading Lists

Maltman, A. (1998) Geological Maps - An Introduction. 2nd. John Wiley
Lindholm, R. (1987) A Practical Approach to Sedimentology. Allen & Unwin
Jones, J A A. (1997) Global Hydrology. Longman
Atkinson, J. (1993) An Introduction to the Mechanics of Soils and Foundations. McGraw-Hill

Technical Reports
Dept of the Environment, UK. (1994) Guidelines for Aggregates Provision in England and Wales. HMSO (Minerals Planning Guidance No 6)