Cod y Modiwl MRM9130  
Blwyddyn Academaidd 2001/2002  
Cyd-gysylltydd y Modiwl Mr Ian Thomas  
Semester Semester 3 (Summer)  
Rhagofynion Progression from taught part of relevant degtree (MBA or MSc)  
Cyd-Ofynion MBM9230  
Elfennau Anghymharus MBM9160  
Manylion y cyrsiau   4 Awr 2 x 2 hour report writing workshops  
Dulliau Asesu Traethodau   5,000 word written report on the subject of management skills utilizing the knowledge gained during the programme activities as well as researching the relevant academic and prescriptive literature   75%  
  Traethodau   2,000 word written report based on personal experiences during the programme, critically evaluating personal and team members' managerial skills   25%  

Disgrifiad cryno

This module will use already existing (and currently non-assessed) activities and workshops run for MSc Management and MBA level students as points of reference from which such students can, i) base two written reports covering the subject of managerial skills; as well as ii) critically evaluate the managerial skills ability of themselves and others in their team(s). By so doing (and, along with the research involved), students' awareness and knowledge of the subject area will be greatly enhanced.


To bring together the knowledge and practical experience acquired (regarding the managerial skills ability of individual students and their 'teams') from the various 'Management Skills' events (such as communication workshops, leadership weekends and team-building activities) held during the first two semesters of both the MSc management and MBA programmes.
To apply this knowledge and experience in the production of two written reports.
To use the professional and academic literature to extend students' knowledge and add to the depth of coverage of this subject area during the writing of the reports.
To utilise the existing professional and academic literature and students' practical business/management experience in order that they can critically evaluate their personal managerial skills related performance/development as well as that of their team members on the various management skills events they attend.

Canlyniadau dysgu

On completion of this module, students will have:

Gained experience of working within a team;
Focussed on their personal development with regards to their management skills;
Be able to critically evaluate their own and their colleagues' managerial skills performance;
Furthered their knowledge in the theory and practice of 'team-building', 'interpersonal communiction' and 'leadership';
Written a report on the subject of managerial skills, using the experience gained during the activities and by independently researching aspects of this subject area;
Written a second report critically evaluating both tieir own and their team members' managerial skill.

Rhestr Ddarllen

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