Module Identifier PH05510  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Dr Eleri Pryse  
Semester Semester 2  
Other staff Dr Andrew Breen  
Pre-Requisite PH05010  
Co-Requisite None  
Mutually Exclusive Not available to students on 3 year BSc (Hons) or 4 year MPhys schemes  
Course delivery Practical   11 x 3 hours  
Assessment Course work   Formal Reports Due in week 4 and 8   30%  
  Course work   Laboratory Diary Due in week 11 but also marked regularly during the semester by supervisors.   70%  

Brief description

This module builds on the introduction to experimental physics given in module PH05010. Emphasis continues on the training of students to use basic instruments, the application of error analysis techniques presented in the earlier module and the critical assessment of results in order to draw reliable conclusions. The skills are developed in the context of experiments that support topics covered in lecture courses.

Learning outcomes

After taking this module students should be able to:

Additional learning activities

As for PH05010

Outline syllabus

The module comprises a set of experiments from different areas of Physics including Mechanics, Oscillations and Waves and Electricity and Magnetism, which students carry out in rotation during the course of the semester. For presentation of the work each student is expected to keep a Laboratory Diary noting the detailed progress of each experiment and also present formal written reports on specified experiments.

Reading Lists

** Recommended Text
Keller, Gettys and Skove. Physics Classical and Modern. McGraw-Hill 0070234604