Module Identifier RD18010  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Mr Michael Barrett  
Semester Semester 1  
Assessment Practical exercise   Outcomes assessed: 2, 4   30%  
  Oral examination   Outcomes assessed: 1   10%  
  Assignment   Forage assignment Outcomes assessed: 3   40%  
  Exam   1.5 Hours Outcomes assessed: 4   20%  


Outcome 1
The student must be able to select the relevant machine with reference to the operation being carried out.
Performance criteria:
a) Identify the principal components and the main settings of machines.
b) Recognise the features that ensure operator/machine safety.
c) Select a machine for each operation.
Plough (conventional/reversible); Cultivator (drag/powered); Sowing - Drill/Distributor;
Spraying - crop sprayer
Winter/Spring barley; Grass for silage

Outcome 2
Use a safe and efficient system of machinery operation
Performance criteria:
a) Calibration/verification of machine setting with reference to manufacturers specification.
b) Measure accuracy of distribution.
c) Selection and use of an appropriate field procedure.
d) Selection and use of an appropriate marking system.
e) Operating the tractor and implement safely and accurately.
Machines:- Plough, Cultivator, Grain Drill, Fertiliser Distributor, Crop sprayer
Field:- Shape, topography, obstacles, ground conditions
Marking:- Wheelings, Disc type, Marker poles   
Accuracy:- Engine/Ground speed ratio, Bout widths, Headland turns, Patternator to test crop sprayer,   
Test tray to check Fertiliser Distributor, 1000 grain weight to set grain drill

Outcome 3
Analyse a machine/system performance.
Performance criteria:
a) Assess spot work rate.
b) Determine the causes of delays and disruptions and measure their effect.
c) Assess overall work rate and hence field efficiency.
d) Identify the suitability of machine types within the system.
e) Recommend appropriate system improvements.
Forage Harvester and associated equipment.

Outcome 4
Recognise optimum conditions/processes for effective crop storage.
Performance criteria:
a) Accurately measure grain moisture content
b) Explain the principles of crop preservation (i) moist grain; (ii) Dried grain; (iii) Grass
c) Identify store characteristics, including loading/unloading, for optimum crop storage.
Moisture measurements (4 types of meter)
Moist grain - acid/sealed store/refrigeration
Dried grain - low temp versus high temp:
Grass - ensilement - clamp - round bale - sausage

Module description

This module is designed to provide the necessary technical skills for a student to be able to establish, harvest and store a cereal or grass crop.