Module Identifier RD27110  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Mrs Jill Bullen Hulse  
Semester Semester 1  
Assessment Assignment   Outcomes assessed: 1, 2 Assignment - Landscape Assessment   100%  

Module description

This module examines a variety of techniques for the understanding, assessment and evaluation of British landscapes. Practical classes and case studies will be used to highlight their application and limitations as effective management tools.


Outcome 1

Collate information in order to assess the landscape of a given area.

Performance criteria:
a. For a given landscape area, a desk survey is researched and completed.
b. A field survey is undertaken and presented for the selected landscape area.
c. The desk and field surveys are concisely written and illustrated in a variety of mediums.

Desk survey, to include literature search, historical research, interpretation of soils, geology, topography, hydrology, land use, designations, archaeological and cultural influences, landscape unit map.
Field survey to include a landscape description, key qualities and elements, objective and subjective assessment, annotated sketches, photographs and maps.

Outcome 2

The selected landscape is analysed and classified as part of the landscape assessment.

Performance criteria:
a. A full analysis of the landscape area is completed.
b. The landscape area is classified into landscape character areas.

Analysis to included annotated maps/sketches/photos, strength of character, analysis of landscape condiion and forces for change.
Classification to include classification map, titles and justification for division, key characteristics for each character area.

Outcome 3

Evaluate and recommend managements option for the selected landscape area.

Performance criteria:
a. Appropriate management options are applied to a given landscape.
b. Prescriptions and guidelines are drawn up for each landscape character area.
c. Priority of action indicators are developed and justified.

Relevant designations and land management policies are included and the guidelines are directly related to the analysis and classification, strategy assessment.