Module Identifier RD27710  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Dr Iwan Owen  
Semester Semester 2  
Assessment Assignment   Pasture improvement assignment. Outcomes Assessed: 2, 3.   50%  
  Exam   1.5 Hours Outcomes Assessed: 1, 3, 4.   50%  


Outcome 1
Recognise the factors influencing pasture growth.

Performance criteria:
a. The morphology of pasture plants is explained.
b. A range of pasture species are identified and evaluated.
c. The influence of climate and soil on pasture growth are understood.

Grasses, legumes and herbs.
Rainfall, temperature.
Soil texture, structure, drainage, fertility.

Outcome 2

Construct a pasture improvement programme.

Performance criteria:
a. The principles of pasture ecology are explained.
b. The need for pasture improvement is identified.
c. Appropriate pasture improvement techniques are selected.

Climate, fertility, grazing animals.
Yield, seasonality, quality.
Management, partial re-seeding, complete re-seeding.

Outcome 3

Draw up a manurial programme for grassland.

Performance criteria:
a. The roles of major and minor plant nutrients are recognised and soil analyses interpreted.
b. Fertiliser, manure and lime composition are intepreted.
c. Manurial programmes are constructed.

Major, minor and trace elements, pH
Inorganic, semi-organic and organic manures, lime
Manure type and quantity, timing

Outcome 4

Recognise the roles of grazing and forage conservation management in efficient grassland management.

Performance criteria:
a. The role of good grazing and forage management is recognised.
b. The principles of grazing and forage management are explained.
c. Appropriate grazing and forage strategies are selected.

Nutrition, pasture management, parasite control.
Animal behaviour, parasite control, techniques.

Outcome 5

Construct a grassland management plan.

Performance criteria:
a. An establishment's pasture production is evaluated.
b. Appropriate pasture improvement and manuring programmes are selected.
c. Pasture utilisation by grazing and conservation is integrated.

Soil, climate, pasture composition.
Weed control, management inputs, soil fertility.
System, site, season.

Module description

Pasture is frequently an undervalued and subsequently underutilised resource on many equine establishments. This module will ensure that students will be able to manage grassland efficiently and effectively for horses.