Module Identifier RD28410  
Module Title EQUITATION  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Mrs Alison McCarthy  
Semester Semester 2  
Pre-Requisite BHS Stage III Riding or agreed equivalent competitive work experience ascertained by a test ride.  
Assessment Assignment   Outcomes Assessed: 1 Performance assignment.   30%  
  Exam   3 Hours Outcomes Assessed: 2, 3. Practical Examination and Seminar (to be presented during Semester)   70%  


Outcome 1

Choose a horse for a particular aspect of work e.g dressage, show jumping.

Performance criteria:
a. The relevant aspects of conformation are related to performance capability.
b. The breed and type of the horse are considered with relation to work.
c. The age, sex, size, and temperament are considered.

Skeletal conformation, muscle development, lameness assessments, paces.
Cross breeds, pure breds.
Young, old horses, mares, gelding, stallions.

Outcome 2

Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of one aspect of the horse's training.

Performance criteria:
a. Initial backing of a horse if required.
b. Initial basic schooling is demonstrated.
c. Lateral work is explained.
d. Pole and grid work is explained and demonstrated.
e. Knowledge of competition requirements.

Lungeing, long-reining, back introduction, backing, riding away.
Transitions, use of neck straps, long and low work, introducing roads.
Leg yielding, turn on the forehand, pirouettes, shoulder-in, half-pass.
Distances, gymnastic jumping, course building.   

Outcome 3

Demonstrate a knowledge of how the rider can be improved by appropriate teaching and guidance.   

Performance criteria:
a. The rider's position is explained and demonstrated - jumping and flat.
b. Lungeing the rider is explained.

The classic position, jump position, posture problems.
Control of the horse, safety, excercises, lungeing, knowledge of aids.

Module description

This module is aimed at developing the student's theoretical knowledge and practical ability of riding and training the horse.