Module Identifier RS33910  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Mrs Meriel Moore-Colyer  
Semester Semester 2  
Pre-Requisite RS10510 , RS20910 or equivalent  
Course delivery Lecture   20 Hours 20 Lectures  
  Seminars / Tutorials   2 Hours 2 Seminars/Tutorials  
  Practical   1 Hours 1 Visit  
  Seminars / Tutorials   2 Hours  
Assessment Seminar presentation   2 x assessed tutorials   20%  
  Exam   2 Hours   80%  
  Exam   Supplementary Examinations 1 x 2 hour    

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to:

1. Identify and evaluate nutrient sources for all performance horses.

2. Demonstrate an understanding of nutrient metabolism.

3. Evaluate in-vivo and in-vitro digestibility trials.

Aims of the module

To provide a specialist knowledge of equine nutrition, concentrating on nutrient metabolism, dietary requirements, and metabolic disorders. Considerable emphases will be placed on experimental techniques currently used in equine nutritional research. This module will build upon level 1 and 2 animal nutrition modules, and will give equine science and animal science students the opportunity to specialise in equine nutrition in their honours year.

Brief description

This module uses the knowledge of the scientific principles of animal nutrition covered in level 2 to develop a detailed understanding of horse nutrition. Subject areas covered include: in vitro and in vivo techniques for measuring digestibility in horses; effect of diet on heat increment and digesta passage rates; high energy diets, glycaemic response; vitamin and mineral nutrition. Value of probiotics and ergogenic aids on equine nutrition; metabolic disorders, grass sickness. Considerable emphasis is placed upon current experimental research in all areas of equine nutrition.

Reading Lists

Frape D. (1983) Equine nutrition and feeding. Longman

Animal Science.
British Journal of Nutrition.
Proceedings of the Equine Nutrition and Physiology Society.
Equine Veterinary Journal.