Module Identifier SP30920  
Module Title MODERN SPAIN (1898 - 1975)  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Professor Robert Havard  
Semester Intended for use in future years  
Next year offered N/A  
Next semester offered N/A  
Pre-Requisite (Normally) eligibility for entry to Level 3 Spanish.  
Course delivery Lecture   20 Hours  
  Seminars / Tutorials   4 Hours  
Assessment Continuous assessment   2 essays of 1,500 - 2,000 words.   40%  
  Exam   2 Hours Written exam - 2 essays in 2 hours   60%  

Brief description

A study of the making of modern Spain from the turmoil of the Second Republic and the trauma of the Spanish Civil War 1936-39, through to the Franco Dictatorship and the transition to democracy after Franco's death. Against this sociopolitical background, students explore through major representative works (of novel, film and poetry) the experience of living in twentieth-century Spain.

In their assignments students may choose to emphasise either literary/cultural or sociopolitical issues, or the way the latter are treated by writers.


Weeks 1-3   Spain at the turn of the 20th century, the 98 Generation and Baroja's novel.

Weeks 4-8   the Second Republic and the Spanish Civil War: two crucial phases illustrated by Alberti's depiction of Madrid under siege in De un momento a otro (poesia) and by Cela's tremendista novel, La familia de Pascual Duarte.

Weeks 8-12   The two novels by Delibes and Goytisolo are read against the background of the political changes which took place in Spain under the Franco regime.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module students should have:

1) a good knowledge of the Spanish Civil War, the Franco dictatorship and the transition to democracy
2) specific knowledge of four texts that reflect they key issues of these years

Reading Lists

** Recommended Consultation
Raymond Carr. (1985) Modern Spain 1875-1980. Oxford
Pio Baroja. El arbol de la ciencia. Alianza or other
Rafael Alberti. (1993) De un momento a otro (poesia y historia) (NB. This is not the play by the same title). Promociones y Publicaciones Universitarias
Camilo Jose Cela. La familia de Pascual Duarte. Prentice-Hall or other
Miguel Delibes. Cinco horas con Mario.
Juan Goytisolo. (1998) Campos de Nijar. Mondadori, Barcelona