Module Identifier TF21520  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator To Be Arranged  
Semester Available semesters 1 and 2  
Course delivery Workshop   20 Hours  
Assessment Assignment   Individual contribution - 30%, Team production - 40%, Attendance and Punctuality - 10%   80%  
  Essay   1,500 word essay   20%  

General description


The aim of this module is to acquaint students with techniques of studio/multi-camera production and to experience the different skills necessary to studio production.

Learning Outcomes

Typically, on completion of this module the student will be able:

to understand and apply the principles of multi-camera shooting within the context of basic studio production.
to demonstrate knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of each crew member.
to work effectively and co-operatively as members of the production team
to recognise and use appropriately the terms and disciplines necessary to studio production
to operate safely and efficiently the technical equipment, i.e. pedestal cameras, sound and vision mixing desks
to originate ideas and bring them to fruition in terms of programme production.
to deploy limited audio-visual resources to maximum creative effect
to use the studio experience to inform critical appreciation of studio based and/or multi-camera television productions.


Topics to be covered include: Principles of multi-camera shooting; Interviews; Simple demonstrations; Pieces to Camera, caption boards and commentary; Lighting; Simple drama scenes (rehearsing, preparing a script, blocking, technical rehearsal and shoot); Recording music performance.

Reading Lists

** Essential Reading
Watts, Harris. (1992) Directing on Camera: A checklist of Video and Film Techniques.. Aavo