Module Identifier TF31030  
Academic Year 2001/2002  
Co-ordinator Ms Janet Jones  
Semester Semester 2 (Taught over 2 semesters)  

General description


To introduce students to advanced level documentary/current affairs broadcast techniques so they might co-produce a 10-15 minute film.

This module is best suited for those students serious about a career in broadcast factual programmes or factual entertainment programmes. It encourages producer-directors to work collaboratively mastering the digital technology to a high standard and incorporating research, narrative, production planning, rights management and professional interviewing skills. The module allows students to produce one short team film in semester one to practice the technical skills of camerawork, lighting, sound recording, and digital editing and to familiarise students with commonly-used factual directing techniques. In semester two students will be given access to equipment on a rolling basis to create their final film.

NB A selection of these films will be presented for broadcast on BBC Choice Wales hence, all content must be cleared or easily clearable for transmission.

Learning Outcomes
Typically, upon completion of this module students should be able to:

Build upon and demonstrate an advanced knowledge of media research skills for factual programmes. (Attained through successful completion of TF31420)
In advance and of filming and during scripting process, recognise good narrative structure and develop advanced creative techniques to interweave character, story and structure to best highlight the central arguments on which the documentary is based. (Maximising the story telling elements by highlighting debate and tension where appropriate.)
Demonstrate an ability to manage the technical production to a high level approaching broadcast standard. (camera/sound/light/editing)
Understand the variety of interview techniques at their disposal and conduct interviews (actuality based, formal and informal) in an appropriate manner reflecting the programme?s central theme and style.
An understanding of point of view, balance, fairness reflected in the ITC and BBC producer?s guidelines.
Demonstrate an advanced level of writing to pictures and voice over direction.
Demonstrate an ability to work as an effective team member


1.Visual narrative directing sequences
2.Script narrative casting, story-line and focus
3.Dealing with contributors/legal and copyright
4.Pre-editing how to select and order material to maximise the story telling to highlight debate, character and tension
5.Writing effective commentaries
6.Review of previous years? films

1.Pitch treatment review
2.Scripting workshop

1.Pre-filming tutorial (co-producers)
2.Pre-edit tutorial (co-producers)
3.Rough cut viewing (co-producers)

1.Camera Workshop
2.Edit Workshop
3.Lighting Workshop
4.Sound Recording Workshop
5.Interview Directing Workshop
6.Actuality Directing workshop
7.PTC and commentary recording workshop