Module Identifier AH10100  
Academic Year 2003/2004  
Co-ordinator Ms Moira M Vincentelli  
Semester Semester 1 (Taught over 2 semesters)  
Other staff Mr Christopher P Webster, Professor John Harvey, Mr Simon J Pierse  

Brief description

Course overview
The course is delivered through one lecture a week in four 5-week sections based on themes that span World Art and make links between the past and very recent work. The module is initiated by a lecture introducing the problem of periods and style categorisation in art history. These issues will be followed up in the four main themes: the Artist, the Body, Landscape and Environment and the Art of the `Other?. Each lecture will focus on a specific issue and each of the four sections will cover a range of historical periods coming up to contemporary art. Each block will be tested at the end of the 5-lecture section (CAL or slide test). There will also be one hour of non- assessed CAL work relating to each section.

Each student will have 2 half-hour individual tutorials to discuss their assessed work. Students should bring with them to the tutorial their portfolio of work including essays, and exercises. These tutorials will also give some feedback on progress in the seminars in Module AH 10220.

Study Skills
There will 2 study skills workshops associated with university CAL provision of study skills

Module Outline


First semester

Introductory lecture on periods, styles and 'isms' - core issue modernism MV

The Artist
1. Why Do People Make Art?   MV
2. Giorgio Vasari and the Construction of Genius   MV
3. The Romantic Temper: Artists' Self-Perception in 19th C. Europe JH
4. The Woman Artist   MV
5. Sharks: Public Perceptions of the Modern Artist - Duchamp to Hirst JH

The Body
1. Official Bodies: The Academy and Anatomy   SP
2. Ideal Bodies: Venus and her Daughters   JD
3. British Bodies: Lucien Freud to Jenny Saville   SP
4. Dead Bodies: Photography   CW
5. Alternative bodies: Picasso to Louise Bourgeois MV
Second semester

Introductory lecture on the art exhibition - to relate to critical writing exercise MV

Landscape and environment
1.   18th Century Landscape: Picturesque Views and Sublime Prospects SP
2. Heaven on Earth: Spiritualising the Landscape in the Romantic Period JH
3. Far off lands   SP
4.   Photography and the land   CW
5.   Shaping the World: Garden Design to Land art   JR   

The Art of 'the Other'
1. Primitivism and Modernism   MV
2. Orientalism and Representations of the Other   MV
3. Carpet Trading: Rugs around the World   MV
4. Angels and Aliens: Visualising the Celestial and Extra Terrestrial in Religion and Science Fiction   JH
5. Exploring Identity: Other artists   MV

Reading Lists

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This module is at CQFW Level 4