Module Identifier AR20520  
Module Title PRINTMAKING 1  
Academic Year 2003/2004  
Co-ordinator Mr Paul J Croft  
Semester Semester 1  
Course delivery Seminars / Tutorials   2 Hours Seminar.  
  Seminars / Tutorials   6 Hours Tutorial.  
  Practical   132 Hours  
Assessment TypeAssessment Length/DetailsProportion
Semester Assessment Portfolio:  100%

Brief description

Core module in the study of the methods and materials of printmaking, including the techniques of intaglio, relief, screen, lithography and off-set lithography. At the same time the student examines specific subject matter through group projects and their relationship to the various processes used and skills required.


The aim of the module is to effectively introduce the students to the possibilities and potential of printmaking to provide a significant means for the development and production of images in a graphic and multiple form. The students are encouraged to become critically aware of both the limitations and potential of each of the processes used as illustrated by examples of work from the University collection and also from their own experience of working in the medium.
The module introduces the students to a variety of techniques employed in both intaglio and screen-printing and encourages students to develop good working practice within a print workshop environment.
Students are required from the outset of the module to identify themes or subject matter that is of personal interest to them that can be suitably developed by exploitation of techniques and procedures found in printmaking.


By the completion of the module students will have:


This module is at CQFW Level 5