Module Identifier AS30220  
Academic Year 2003/2004  
Co-ordinator Professor Timothy S Woods  
Semester Semester 2  
Other staff Mrs Carol M Marshall, Dr Helena Grice, Dr Robert Harrison  
Pre-Requisite AS10120 , AS10220  
Co-Requisite AS30020 , AS30120  
Course delivery Seminars / Tutorials   20 Hours 10 x 2 hr  
Assessment TypeAssessment Length/DetailsProportion
Semester Assessment 1 x 5000 word essay100%

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module, students will be able to:
- Describe the impact of recent historical events on the politics and culture of late 20th century America

- Demonstrate an understanding of the social and political contexts in which the set material was produced

- Write about the period and culture in a well-structured and well-argued way

- Illustrate their knowledge and views using a variety of examples from the range of disciplines covered during the course

- Demonstrate developing skill in critical analysis

- Develop extended writing and research skills in the development of an extended argument

- Demonstrate developing skills in oral presentation

Brief description

This module is organised around two focal points. One is the reaction to the events of the 1960s, in particular the Vietnam War, that characterised American politics and culture in the 1970s and 1980s; the other is the assessment of the state of America and her standing in the world at the end of the century and at the end of the Cold War. Our examination of contemporary America will focus on three themes: Vietnam and its aftermath; Reagan and his America; and the state of America in a post-Cold War, post-industrial, post-modern world.


Seminar Content

1. Representing the Vietnam War
2. The US and Vietnam, 1945-75
3. The Nature of the Conflict in Vietnam
4. Reagan and the ?New Right?
5. The Culture Wars: Religion and Society in Contemporary America
6. The ?Underclass? Debate
7. ?Greed is Good?
8. A Multicultural Society
9. Polarised Communities
10. Dystopian Visions

Required Reading
Bret Easton Ellis, Less Than Zero
Gloria Anzaldua, Borderlands/La Frontera
Tim O?Brien, In the Lake of the Woods

Required Viewing
Blade Runner (Dir. Ridley Scott, 1982)
Lone Star, (Dir. John Sayles, 1996)
Do the Right Thing (Dir. Spike Lee, 1989)
Full Metal Jacket (Dir. Stanley Kubrik, 1987)
Wall Street (Dir. Oliver Stone, 1987)


This module is at CQFW Level 6