Module Identifier HY30230  
Academic Year 2003/2004  
Co-ordinator Dr Peter A Lambert  
Semester Available semesters 1 and 2  
Other staff Dr Eryn M White, Dr Jeffrey L Davies, Dr Martyn J Powell, Dr Paul B O'Leary, Dr Phillipp R Schofield, Professor Roger D Price, Dr Robert Harrison, Dr Sian H Nicholas, Professor William D Rubinstein  
Co-Requisite 60 credits of HY or HA modules at Level 1, HY30130 , HY30410  
Course delivery Seminars / Tutorials   30 Hours 3 hours per week  
Assessment TypeAssessment Length/DetailsProportion
Semester Exam3 Hours  60%
Semester Assessment Course Work: 2 essays and one source analysis assignment (2,500 words each)  40%

Learning outcomes

The module is a Special Subject, the aim of which is to provide third-year students with an opportunity to study a particular period or problem in great depth, with reference to primary as well as secondary sources. On completion, students will:
a) be familiar with a body of historical knowledge in the relevant field of the special subject
b) be familiar with comparative perspectives in the relevant field of the special subject
c) be able to show an understanding of a range of approaches to the relevant study period
d) have further developed their ability to read, analyse and reflect critically on secondary and primary texts, including contemporary literary, philosophical, constitutional and religious writings
e) have further developed their ability to develop and sustain historical arguments, orally (not formally assessed) and in writing
f) have further developed their ability to gather and sift appropriate items of historical evidence
g) have further developed their ability to work both independently and collaboratively, and to participate in group discussions (not formally assessed)

Brief description

The aim of a History special subject is to provide final year single honours history students with an opportunity to study a relatively narrow and specialised subject in considerable depth and with substantial attention to original sources.

A range of special subjects will be available in each semester. Each new special subject course will be presented for approval separately, but will share the same module identifier. The module co-ordinator for Special Subjects will arrange for students' choice of special subject, in consultation with the degree scheme co-ordinator(s).


Special Subjects are available in both Semesters. The current range of Special Subjects are:

Roman Britain and the Roman Army   Dr Jeffrey Davies
The Reign of Edward II   Dr Phillipp Schofield
Gender in History   Dr Michael Roberts
British Society and the French Revolution 1789-1803   Dr Martyn Powell
The American Civil War   Dr Robert Harrison
1848 in France: a case study in Revolution   Professor Roger Price
The Irish in Britain 18942-1922   Dr Paul O'Leary
The Holocaust   Professor William Rubinstein
Britain at War 1939-1945   Dr Sian Nicholas

Not all of the above are available during every session.


This module is at CQFW Level 6