Cod y Modiwl MRM8110  
Blwyddyn Academaidd 2003/2004  
Cyd-gysylltydd y Modiwl Mrs Nerys Fuller-Love  
Semester Semester 1  
Staff Eraill sy'n Cyfrannu Yr Athro Robert E Morgan  
Elfennau Anghymharus MMM3310 , MMM1210  
Manylion y cyrsiau Darlithoedd   22 Awr  
  Seminarau / Tiwtorialau   11 Awr  
Dulliau Asesu
Assessment TypeAssessment Length/DetailsProportion
Arholiad Semester2 Awr  50%
Asesiad Semester  50%
Arholiad Ailsefyll2 Awr  100%

Canlyniadau dysgu

Identify the concepts, processes and skills required to market goods and services in a small business.

Describe the key requirements of a marketing plan and its implementation.

Design a market research survey for a small business.

Plan and describe the development of new products and services.


The aim of this module is to introduce marketing topics such as marketing management, marketing strategies within the context of the small business.   This module will be taught through the medium of Welsh.

Disgrifiad cryno

This mdoule will introduce the latest theories in the field of Marketing and Marketing Research with particular reference to small businesses and entrepreneurship. This module will offer students the opportunity to research and discuss the topic. During the module there will be an emphasis on the importance of Marketing to small businesses and how to undertake market research.


Definition of Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Consumer Behaviour
Segmenting the market
Advertising and E-marketing
Developing new products and services
Market Research

Rhestr Ddarllen

B Kenny and K Dyson Marketing in a Small Business Routledge
D Carson, S Cromie, P McGowan and J Hill Marketing and Entrepreneurship in SME's: An Innovative Approach Prentice Hall


Mae'r modiwl hwn ar Lefel 7 FfCChC