Module Identifier PF30610  
Academic Year 2003/2004  
Co-ordinator Ms Jill Greenhalgh  
Semester Semester 2  
Other staff Dr Roger Owen  
Course delivery Lecture   10 Hours 10 x 1 hour lectures  
  Seminars / Tutorials   8 Hours 4 x 2 hour writing seminars  
Assessment TypeAssessment Length/DetailsProportion
Semester Assessment Essay 1 One written piece, equivalent to 2,500 words, to be executed on 2 A3 sheets50%
Semester Assessment Essay 2 One written piece, equivalent to 2,500 words, to be executed at another site physical or electronic (where students are competent to use electronic media)50%

Learning outcomes

Typically, upon completion of the module, the student will be able:

to apply critically various strategies of performance writing in their own creative work
to demonstrate an intelligent awareness of compositional procedures involved in writing for modes of performance other than those of dramatic dialogue
to conduct independent research in the creative generation of text suitable for written or oral exposition
to organize and present text effectively in relation to its specific context of exposition


The aim of this module is:

to introduce approaches and strategies of writing for, about, and as performance which provide alternatives to the conventions of dramatic dialogue and which challenge the formal divisions of theory and practice implicit in studies of theatre
to encourage the integration of theoretical and creative modes of written and oral exposition
to introduce writing strategies that enable students to place themselves at the centre of their writing


The lectures examine both classical and contemporary procedures and paradigms of textual composition which encourage the integration of theoretical and creative modes of exposition and which enable the students to place themselves at the centre of their writing.

Lecture content::

`Writing the self? - Memory and Anecdote
`Fictionalising the self ` - Biography and Monologue
`Ways of telling? - Narrative and Storytelling
`Telling as metaphor? - Poetics
`Telling as juxtaposition? - Montage
`Assembly as telling? - Collage
`Technology as telling? - Website
`Reflexive telling? - Creative Writing in Theory
`Telling data? - Creative Writing in Science
'Blurred genres' - telling across disciplinary boundaries

Criteria for assessment :

i] Performance Writing Pieces 1 + 2 : in assessing the pieces of performance writing, the examiners will expect:
- creation of forms of writing appropriate to the site of exposition (25% of overall piece mark)
- successful identification of, and engagement with, site of exposition (25%)
- innovative techniques of writing within an academic context (25%)
- effective practical realisation of conceptual notions (25%)

Transferable skills

Textual composition
Organisation of alternative sites of exposition

Reading Lists

** Recommended Text
Williams, D.J. trans. Waldo Williams (1997) The Old Farmhouse Golden Grove
Benjamin, Walter trans. Hannah Arendt (1992) Illuminations Fontana
Berger, John (1982) Another Way of Telling Writers and Readers
Berger, John (1996) Photocopies Bloomsbury
Fusco, Coco (1995) English is Broken here New Press
Gomez-Pena, Guillermo (1996) The New World Border City Lights
Greenaway, Peter (1995) Dis Voir Rosa Editions
Lichtenstein, Rachel and Sinclair, Iain (1999) Rodinsky's Room Granta
Muller, Heiner trans. Marc Von Henning (1995) TheatreMachine Faber
Ondaatje, Michael (1981) The Collected Works Of Billy the Kid Marion Boyars
Perec, Georgers trans. John Sturrock (1997) Species of Spaces and Other Pieces Penguin
Phelan, Peggy (1993) Unmarked - The Politics of Performance Routledge
Phelan, Peggy (1997) Mourning Sex Routledge
Phelan, Peggy and Lane, Jill (eds) (1998) The Ends of Performance New York University Press
Rothenberg, Jerome and Clay, Steven (eds) (2000) A Book of the Book Granary Books
Wallis, Brian (ed) (1989) Blasted Allegories. An anthology of Writings by Contemporary Artists MIT Press


This module is at CQFW Level 6