Module Identifier PF30720  
Academic Year 2003/2004  
Co-ordinator Ms Jill Greenhalgh  
Semester Semester 1  
Other staff Professor Mike Pearson  
Pre-Requisite PF20110 , PF20210 , PF30310 , PF20420  
Course delivery Practical   160 hours of rehearsals/supervision/assessment of presentation  
Assessment TypeAssessment Length/DetailsProportion
Semester Assessment Practical Group Presentation: A fully-realised performance of 60 minutes duration minimum. The performance will be assessed jointly by two members of staff in consultation with the guest practitioner60%
Semester Assessment Contribution to Development Process The progress of the production will be monitored and assessed on 3 occasions during the rehearsal process for 15 minutes of interrogation. The monitoring will be completed by members of staff in consultation with the guest practitioner 40%

Learning outcomes

Typically, upon completion of the module, the student will be able to:

to review and consolidate ? and through practical application extend and present - their understanding of procedures of devising performance
to put into practice, in an ordered and meaningful way, the methodological and representational principles of devising performance introduced in previous modules whilst researching and developing new skills appropriate to the arena of exposition
to demonstrate an ability to work effectively and co-operatively in a communal situation
to accept responsibility for self and peer group management and functioning within a creative situation


The aim of this module is:

to put into practice the principles and techniques of devising performance introduced in previous semesters.
to conceive, develop, rehearse, produce and present a full-length performance to a given theme at a specified site.


This module is a production module. The process of developing and staging the work will be guided through seminars and working sessions and will be subject to continuous monitoring. The end result will be a group project conceived, produced and performed in relation to a given theme or body of material at a specific site or location. The development process will be subject to continuous monitoring through occasional viewing sessions, meetings, seminars, and feedback/advice sessions.
The module will be part-supervised by professional practitioners

Criteria for assessment :

Practical Group Presentation : in assessing the performance production, the examiners will expect:
- effective employment of the dramaturgical procedures examined in previous modules (20% of the overall mark)
- effective articulation and embodiment of spatio-temporal procedures examined in previous modules (20%)
- effective embodiment of the thematic material (20%)
- effective fulfilment the production brief (20%)
- effective group functioning (20%)

Transferable skills

Group organisation and functioning
Project design and completion
Self management as part of group functioning

Reading Lists

** Recommended Text
Barker, Clive (1977) Theatre Games Methuen
Bennett, Susan (1977) Theatre Audiences Routledge
Boal, Augusto trans. Adrian Jackson (1992) Games for Actors and Non-Actors Routledge
Fairbrother, Trevor (1991) Robert Wilson's Vision Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Mitter, Shomit (1992) Systems of Rehearsal Routledge
Sandford, Mariellen R. (ed) (1995) Happenings and Other Acts Routledge
Spolin, Viola (1983) Improvisation for the Theatre Northwestern University Press
Scutzman, Mady (1993) Playing Boal Routledge


This module is at CQFW Level 6