Module Identifier RS30110  
Academic Year 2003/2004  
Co-ordinator Gareth Hughes  
Semester Intended for use in future years  
Next year offered N/A  
Next semester offered N/A  
Pre-Requisite Economics Level 1  
Assessment TypeAssessment Length/DetailsProportion
Semester Exam2 Hours  50%
Semester Assessment Essay:  50%

Learning outcomes

On completion of the module, students will be able to:

i)   explain the nature of the Common Agricultural Policy and the pressures
   there have been for its reform

ii)   describe the main elements of the 1992 reform and identify further pressures
   and policy options

iii) to identify the environmental issues concerning agriculture and the actual and
   potential policy responses

iv) to understand the contribution that economics can make to policy evaluation


The overall aim of this module is to explain the development and consequences of agricultural policy in the European Union and the emergence of an environmental dimension to these policies during the last decade. The emphasis will be on economic analysis but the importance of political and social factors is also recognised.


Topics: The nature of the CAP; objectives and policy instruments; economics and the CAP; the pressures for reform of the CAP; new policies; environmental considerations; general environmental policies; agriculture and environmental policy; environmentally sensitive areas; environmental conservation and the future of the less favoured areas; pressures and options for further change

Reading Lists

Midmore P and Hughes G (1996) Rural Wales : an economic and social perspective
(1994) Agriculture and the environment Club de Bruxelles
Ritson C & Harvey D (eds) (1991) The Common Agricultural Policy and the world economy: Essays in honour of John Ashton CABI

Technical Reports
(1994) Agricultural Policy for the 21st Century, European Economy No 4 European Commission Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs
(1994) The Economics of the Common Agricultural Policy, European Economy No 5 European Commission Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs


This module is at CQFW Level 6