Module Identifier SPM0330  
Academic Year 2003/2004  
Semester Intended for use in future years  
Next year offered N/A  
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Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:
Students will be able to understand not only Surrealism as it manifested itself in Paris in the 1920s but also the kind of Spanish Surrealism which was previously evident in some of the work of Goya. They will also become familiar with Surrealist techniques as they were used in the different genres of cinema and theatre.


The module is concerned with the aims and character of Surrealism in Spain in the 1920s and 1930s. It examines the particular
preoccupations of the three creative artists in question and explores their surrealist techniques in film and theatre.

Luis Bunuel, L'Age d'or; El angel exterminador; Federico Garcia Lorca, El publico; Rafael Alberti, El hombre

Tutor: Professor Gwynne Edwards.

Reading Lists

Gibson I (1989) Federico Garcia Lorca: A Life London, Faber and Faber
Edwards G (1980) The Theatre Beneath the Sand London
Higginbotham V (1976) The comic Spirit of Federico Garcia Lorca Austin
Bunuel L (1985) My Last Breath London
Edwards G (1982) The Discreet Charm of Luis Bunuel London
Sanchez Vidal A (1984) Luis Bunuel Madrid
Higginbotham V (1979) Luis Bunuel Boston
Mellen J (1978) The World of Luis Bunuel New York
Popkin L (1975) The Theatre of Rafael Alberti London


This module is at CQFW Level 7