Module Identifier SPM0430  
Academic Year 2003/2004  
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Learning outcomes

On completion of the module students will have a good understanding of the way in which non-commercial Spanish theatre has developed during the twentieth century and of how it reflects the social and political background.


The module provides an insight into the major trends in Spanish theatre in the 20th century, moving from innovations of the
pre-Franco period to the oblique techniques employed by dissident dramatists during the dictatorship.

Ramon del Valle-Inclan, Luces de Bohemia; Federico Garcia Lorca, Bodas de sangre; Alfonso Sastre, Escuadra hacia la
muerte; Antonio Buero Vallejo, Las meninas.

Reading Lists

Edwards G (1985) Dramatists in Perspective: Spanish Theatre in the Twentieth Century Cardiff University of Wales, Press
Lyon J (1983) The Theatre of Valle-Inclan, Cambridge: C.U.P.
Zahareas, A N (ed) (1968) Ramon del Valle-Inclan. An Appraisal of his Life and Works New York
Anderson F (1971) Alfonso Sastre New York
Domenech R (1973) El teatro de Buero Vallejo Madrid
Nicholas R L (1972) The Tragic Stages of Antonio Buero Vallejo Valencia
Edwards G (1980) The Theatre Beneath the Sand London: Marion Boyars


This module is at CQFW Level 7