Module Identifier DR30320  
Academic Year 2004/2005  
Co-ordinator Professor David I Rabey  
Semester Semester 1  
Other staff Ms Karoline Gritzner, Dr Roger Owen  
Pre-Requisite Successful completion of Part One Drama  
Course delivery Lecture   10 x 1 hour  
  Seminars / Tutorials   10 x 1 hour  
Assessment TypeAssessment Length/DetailsProportion
Semester Exam 1 x 2 Hour 55%
Semester Assessment assessment of class contribution via presentations and seminar discussion10%
Semester Assessment 2,500 word written assignment  35%

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:


Brief description

This is a course of directed reading and weekly discussions, focusing on texts by theatre practitioners, theorists and critics which outline several different approaches to the relationship between theatre and society. Sessions are likely to address the following topics:

1. Subsidy and Separatism
2. Popular Theatre and Community Theatre
3. Theatre of Catastrophe and Radical Elitism
4. Theatre of the Oppressed and the Rainbow of Desire programme
5. Gay and Lesbian Theatre
6. Feminist and Women's Theatre
7. Explicit Body Performance
8. Intercultural Theatre
9. Barba's Third Theatre
10. Conclusion

For information on due dates for submission of assessed work, please refer
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Reading Lists

** Recommended Text
Barker, H. (2005) Death, The One and The Art of Theatre Routledge
Boal, A. (2002) Games for Actors and Non-Actors (2nd ed.) London: Routledge
Jellicoe, A. (1987) Community Plays (currently out of print) London: Methuen
McGrath, J. (2002) Naked Thoughts that Roam About London: NHB
Pavis, P. (1992) Theatre at the Crossroads of Culture London: Routledge
Hall, P. (1999) The Necessary Theatre London: NHB
Kershaw, B. (1992) The Politics of Performance London: Routledge
Watson, I. (1993) Towards a Third Theatre London: Routledge
Wilson, A. (2001) The Ground on Which I Stand London: NHB
** Essential Reading
Watson, I., et al (2002) Negotiating Cultures: Eugenio Barba and the Intercultural Debate Manchester UP
Delgado and Svich (eds.) (2002) Theatre in Crisis? Manchester UP
Barker, H. (1997) Arguments for a Theatre (3rd ed) Manchester: Manchester UP
Aston, E. (1994) An Introduction to Feminism and Theatre London: Routledge
Bharucha, R. (1994) Theatre and the World London: Routledge
Boal, A (1994) The Rainbow of Desire London: Routledge
Barba, E. (1995) The Paper Canoe London: Routledge
Lucas, I. (1994) Impertinent Decorum London: Cassell
McGrath, J. (1981) A Good Night Out London: NHB
Schneider, R. (1997) The Explicit Body in Performance London: Routledge


This module is at CQFW Level 6