Module Identifier BS23610  
Academic Year 2006/2007  
Co-ordinator Ms Lindsay Collin  
Semester Semester 2  
Course delivery Lecture   10 x 2 Hours.  
Assessment TypeAssessment Length/DetailsProportion
Semester Exam2 Hours One 2-hour theory examination - 2 questions from 4  100%
Supplementary Exam2 Hours One 2-hour theory examination - 2 questions from 4  100%

Learning outcomes

On the completion of this module students will


This largely lecture-based module aims to introduce the physical processes operating at the coast and the range of landforms that result, as a vital background for biological or other specialists undertaking studies within the coastal zone. Lectures are initially focussed on basic energy inputs, but continue by dealing systematically with the various types of depositional and erosional features to be found in a range of coastal and estuarine sub-environments. Two further lectures then concentrate on the role of Man in managing the coast- variously looking at engineering structures which may influence physical process and form and at the role of conservation in a coastal dune environment. A supplementary handbook is provided outlining data acquisition and measurement methods appropriate to specialist investigations in coastal environments.

The course concludes with two field half-days in the local area, one appraising the beaches of Aberystwyth and the other looking at the management of the Ynyslas coastal dune system.

The introductory nature of this module is regarded as being highly suitable for both biological and physical scientists.


The module sessions cover the following topics:

Reading Lists

** Recommended Text
Barnes (1990) Coasts
Bird, E.C.F. (2001) Coastal geomorphology: An introduction Wiley & Sons
Pethick, J. (1984) An introduction to coastal geomorphology London: Arnold


This module is at CQFW Level 5