Module Identifier ED10310  
Academic Year 2006/2007  
Co-ordinator Mr Robert Morris Jones  
Semester Intended for use in future years  
Next year offered N/A  
Next semester offered N/A  
Other staff Mrs Ffion M Hoare  
Course delivery Lecture   10 Hours.  
  Seminars / Tutorials   Tutorial. Every fortnight.  
Assessment TypeAssessment Length/DetailsProportion
Semester Exam2 Hours Written exam.  60%
Semester Assessment Continuous Assessment: Assignment of 2, 000 words  40%

Learning outcomes

At the end of this module, students should:

Brief description

Language is one of the main characteristics of humans, and the purpose of this module is to appreciate its properties. Applying modern Linguistics, the structure of language is described on an introductory basis, and the basic methods of analysing structure are explained. In the light of this, attitudes towards language can be discussed, including those based on correctness. This module complements interests in sociolinguistics and computational linguistics. It makes students aware of basic concepts of descriptive analysis which are relevant to more advanced and specialized modules at levels 2 and 3.



Lectures are based on the following topics:

Tutorials provide students with the opportunity to apply the principles and methods which are introduced in the lectures:

Reading Lists

** Supplementary Text
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This module is at CQFW Level 4