Module Identifier IPM5830  
Academic Year 2006/2007  
Co-ordinator Professor Andrew Linklater  
Semester Semester 2  
Course delivery Seminars / Tutorials   20 Hours. 10 x 2 hour seminars  
Assessment TypeAssessment Length/DetailsProportion
Semester Assessment Essay: 1 x 3,000 word  40%
Semester Assessment Essay: 1 x 5,000 word  60%
Supplementary Exam Students may, subject to Faculty approval, have the opportunity to resit this module, normally during the supplementary examination period. For further clarification please contact the Teaching Programme Administrator in the Department of International Politics. 

Learning outcomes

On completion of this module, students should be able to:

Brief description

This module aims to provide students with an understanding of recent efforts to develop linkages between Historical
Sociology and International Relations Theory. Particular attention will be paid to:


The module begins with a critical analysis of Elias's civilisation and violence in the domestic and international poltics of modern Western states. It then explores the extent to which there is a growing overlapping moral consensus in world politics about the desirability of eradicating violent and non-violent forms of harm. Comparisons with the Ancient Greek city-state system and medieval international society are used to discuss whether modern international relations are distinctive in their approach to eliminating or reducing the varieties of harm.

Reading Lists

** General Text
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This module is at CQFW Level 7