Module Identifier LPM0710  
Academic Year 2006/2007  
Co-ordinator Professor John R Williams  
Semester Semester 2  
Pre-Requisite LPM0140 , LPM0215 , LPM0500 , LPM0400 , LPM0300 , LPM0200 , LPM0100 , LPM0505 , LPM0325 , LPM0405  
Co-Requisite LPM1010 , LPM0910 , LPM0810 , LPM0610 , LPM1210 , LPM1110 , LPM1310  


To fulfil the University┬┐s academic aims and strategic objectives and in particular to broaden and enhance its portfolio of legal programmes and to teach, train and educate its students in such a way that they are fully equipped to enter the world of work as solicitors. The Department through a Centre for Legal Practice aims to stimulate enterprise and improve training and offer a rigorous and practical outcome to academic law.
The Law Department has at present no postgraduate provision in legal professional education. The Department recognised the need to establish a unit which will deliver the Legal Practice Course and which will fulfil the aims of cooperation and collaboration as a part of Legal Wales.
The Electives modules deliver this requirement in the context of three electives chosen from a group of Electives and enabling students to create a package of specialisms which fit their interests and the sort of solicitors┬┐ practice they wish to enter. This Elective module - Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence┬┐ delivers this in the context of Personal Injury.

Brief description

This module enables students to advise and assist clients in the field of Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence. The module will be delivered in an interactive manner and the students will be taken through both a Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence action step by step in order that they are familiar with the procedural steps in both types of action.


This module is at CQFW Level 7