Module Identifier GG39210  
Academic Year 2007/2008  
Co-ordinator Dr Michael J Woods  
Semester Semester 1  
Other staff Dr Henry F Lamb  
Pre-Requisite One of GG27720, GG21710, GG21510 or GG21310 One of GG22110 or DA22110  
Co-Requisite GG38110 Level 3 Geography Tutorial or DA38110 Tiwtorial Daearyddiaeth Lefel 3  
Mutually Exclusive GG39130 Geography Dissertation; DA39130 Traethawd Estynedig Daearyddiaeth  
Course delivery Seminars / Tutorials   Two individual tutorials - one early in the semester to advise on data analysis and the report structure; one later in the semester to advise on the draft of the project report.  
Assessment TypeAssessment Length/DetailsProportion
Semester Assessment Project Report. Submission of a project report of 4,000 words.  100%
Supplementary Assessment Project Report. Resubmission of the failed project report, with revisions if appropriate.  100%

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this module students should be able to:

Brief description

This module takes the form of a student-led independent research project. An appropriate topic of geographical relevance is proposed by the student and approved by the module co-ordinator. The project involves three stages: (i) empirical research to collect primary data and/or collate information from secondary sources, as appropriate for the research issue; (ii) the analysis of data and information, including the interpretation of findings in the context of existing knowledge and theories; (iii) the production of a 4,000 word report. Each student will be allocated an advisor who will provide guidance on the development and reporting of the project.


Each student will be allocated an advisor who will provide guidance on the development and reporting of the project.

Module Skills

Problem solving Problem solving skills are developed through the identification of research questions, appropriate methodology and research plan, and through responses to difficulties experienced during data collection  
Research skills Research skills are developed through the collection and analysis of data appropriate for investigation of the research questions  
Communication Written communication skills developed through the production of a 4,000 word report (assessed). Oral communication skills developed through discussion in tutorials (not assessed); and may be developed through empirical research using verbal research methods (e.g interviews) (not assessed)  
Improving own Learning and Performance Students will be encouraged to reflect on their experience of planning and undertaking research in the tutorial discussions  
Team work Not developed in this module  
Information Technology Students will be expected to employ appropriate IT resources in identifying data sources and collecting data (e.g. internet, electronic information resources), in data analysis (e.g. statistical packages), and in producing the project report (e.g. word processing, GIS and mapping packages)  
Application of Number If appropriate to the selected research topic, students may develop numerical skills through the collection, analysis and presentation of quantitative data  
Personal Development and Career planning Personal development and career planning skills will not be explicitly developed through the module; however, many of the generic skills developed through the research project will have significant transferability to a wide range of career contexts  

Reading Lists

** Recommended Text
Flowerdew, R. and Martin, D (1997) Methods in Human Geography: a guide to students doing a research project Longman
Hoggart, K., Lees, L. and Davies, A (2002) Researching Human Geography Arnold
Kennedy, B.A. (1992) First catch your hare ... research designs for individual projects, in A. Rogers, H. Viles and A. Goudie (eds) The Student's Companion to Geography Blackwell
Kneale, P (1999) Study Skills for Geography Students: a practical guide Arnold


This module is at CQFW Level 6