2.5 Minor Modifications to Existing Schemes

1. Institutes should carefully consider the implications of any minor modifications to existing schemes, which may arise as a result of annual monitoring exercises or external feedback, and consult with students as outlined in AQH 2.1. Institutes should also consult the AQRO QA team to ascertain whether the changes will require only internal Institute approval. If so, they may be reported to ADPC by submitting the relevant extract from the minutes of the Institute Learning and Teaching Committee, with a coversheet to provide an outline of the changes. If ADPC is not satisfied with the level of detail provided in the minutes, or is not assured that the proposed changes constitute a minor modification, the committee may require the Institute concerned to submit a proposal for a scheme restructure by completing Schemapp1.

2. In order to ensure that existing schemes do not change as a consequence of cumulative annual revisions, to the extent that they are no longer valid in relation to their original specifications, all minor modifications to existing schemes must be monitored by Institutes after initial reporting to ADPC, and reported to QAC through the Annual Monitoring of Taught Schemes. All schemes are also subject to Period Scheme Review every five years.

3. Minor modifications to schemes may also be approved during the course of a Periodic Scheme Review, as outlined in Section 2.7 of the AQH.

4. To help Institutes to assess the level of changes being proposed and the appropriate approval process, guidance should be sought from the AQRO QA Link. Minor modification will typically involve the following:

(i) No substantive change to the aims of the existing scheme;
(ii) No substantive change to the credit number of core modules and restriction of student choice;
(iii) No substantive change to the scheme learning outcomes, content and assessment methods;
(iv) No changes affecting more than 60 credits at any level in Part Two of an undergraduate scheme;
(v) No changes affecting more than 60 credits of a taught postgraduate scheme.

Changes to scheme titles

5. Changes to scheme titles will be considered by ADPC. Institutes should submit proposals to AQRO by completing Schemapp 8.