2.9 Annual Monitoring of Taught Schemes (AMTS)

1. The University is committed to the annual monitoring of all its taught schemes within the context set by the UK Quality Code Chapter B8, Programme Monitoring and Review.

2. The aim of the Annual Monitoring of Taught Schemes (AMTS) exercise is for Institutes and the University to provide a secure mechanism whereby they are assured that schemes are meeting their aims, and to identify areas of good practice and disseminate this information in order to enhance the provision.

3. Responsibility for annual monitoring of each undergraduate and taught postgraduate scheme lies primarily with the Institute owning it. It is important that the Institute is able to identify concerns which are specific to a particular scheme or common to a number of them, reflect and report upon them and take appropriate action. This applies equally whether those concerns relate to its own modules or those of another institute or partner provider which are integral to the scheme in question.

4. The AMTS1 form should be completed by a scheme co-ordinator or equivalent, depending on how schemes are grouped. All taught schemes are subject to annual monitoring. To assist with this process AM data packs will be provided for schemes where numbers are statistically significant. Further guidance is provided in Section 4 for schemes where AM data packs are not available.  AMTS1 forms should be submitted to the appropriate Institute Learning and Teaching Committee (or equivalent) in accordance with the deadline set by each Institute. Please note that action points are now collated into a single table in Section 9 of the report.

5. As part of the audit process QAC, in its consideration of AMTS2 reports, may seek further clarification from Institutes on issues raised or require detail of action to be undertaken. In addition, ICPC in its consideration of the collaborative elements of AMTS, may seek further clarification from Institutes on issues raised or require further detail of action to be undertaken.

6. Scheme co-ordinators are requested to submit their AMTS documents to institutes in accordance with the deadlines set by each institute as formal evidence of their engagement with this process. AMTS1 forms for previous academic years will be available for periodic scheme review and any future revalidation event for an individual scheme. The AMTS2 report is a consolidated report from the Institute which should be submitted to the November meeting of the QAC. Reporting is by exception and comments should be made on matters that are of particular significance. These should include successes, good practice and innovation, risks to quality and challenges and should pick out matters for University attention.

7. The following AMTS templates are published for use by Institutes, and include additional notes of guidance:

(i) Annual Monitoring of Taught Schemes (AMTS) - Data Support
(ii) Flow Chart for AMTS and EE Reports
(iii) AMTS 1
(iv) AMTS1 Appendix 1: Monitoring of Collaborative Provision
(v) AMTS1 Appendix 2: AUM Provision
(vi) AMTS 2

All forms are available in Section 2.12 Template Forms