Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PGCTHE)

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Welcome to the Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PGCTHE) at Aberystwyth University!

As course leader, I want to ensure you find the course exciting and challenging! Please email Mary Jacob on to find out more.

The PGCTHE is Master’s level qualification (60 credits) designed for a variety of teaching-active staff who teach and support learning in Higher Education across a wide variety of contexts, from lecturing and distance learning to adult education. The programme is accredited by the Higher Education Academy (HEA). On completion you will become a Fellow of the HEA. It is a natural progression for those completing the TPAU, as well as those with no prior teaching qualification.

Professionalising Your Teaching in Higher Education (PDM0430)

This module introduces new lecturing and teaching staff to teaching environments. There is a focus on ‘practice’ and professionalization in the fast changing teaching environment that makes up contemporary HE. We also signpost the diverse range of resources to support your teaching that exist from the local to the national level.

You will develop a practical tool kit and begin to scaffold the necessary theoretical and reflective elements needed for module 2.

Action Research and Reflective Practice in Higher Education (PDM0530)

Module 2 builds your scholarship skills so you can independently evaluate the impact of your teaching and plan activities to improve student learning, positively influencing the Student Success Plan. The focus is on Action Research and Theories of Change. You will build the experience to be a credible ‘change agent’ in the University and beyond, presenting your work at Learning and Teaching Colloquia and Conferences.


Entry Requirements

The PGCTHE is open to all staff teaching at any level, both full time and part time. Participants in Module 1 should have a minimum of 40 hours contact teaching time over the duration of the module (normally 7-10 months).  There is, however, scope to consider other staff on a case-by- case basis based on their past and future teaching remits. Participants in Module 2 must have completed Module 1 and must have a teaching commitment of 40 contact hours over the year. This is mandatory for Module 2 because the assessment is based on action research. 

For further information about the modules please contact the Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator via e-mail

This course builds a strong foundation for continuing CPD, career progression and promotion in teaching and learning. Resources for participants are found on the Blackboard site. Mentors play a critical role in the success of the PGCTHE.

For more information, please go to the HEA Academy webpage