Photograph of Professor Paul O'Leary.Professor Paul O'Leary

BA, PhD (Wales), FRHistS


Office: B19
Phone: 2842

Teaching Areas

Dr O'Leary teaches widely in both the Welsh and English languages, from the first year through to Masters courses and PhD supervision. His areas of specialism are the social, cultural and political history of Wales, Britain and Ireland between the late eighteenth century and the mid-twentieth century. He offers a Special Subject on Irish migrants in Britain, c.1830-1922. He has extensive experience of postgraduate supervision, having supervised successfully more than thirty postgraduate dissertations. He has collaborated with the National Library of Wales on their project to digitize sources relating to the First World War.

(a)  Welsh Medium

HC11420: Cymru yn Oes y Chwyldro, 1773-1850

HC34130: Cymdeithas Cymru Fodern, 1868-1950

HC34230: Hunaniaethau Cenedlaethol yn Ynysoedd Prydain, 1801-1914

HCM1220: Dosbarth a Chymuned yng Nghymru, c.1850-1950

(b)  English medium

WH11420: Wales in an Age of Revolution, 1770-1850

WH34130: Modern Welsh Society, 1868-1950

WH34230: National Identities in the British Isles, 1801-1914

HY31220: Sport, Leisure and Popular Culture in Britain since 1850

HY30230: Special subject: the Irish in Britain, c.1830-1922

WHM1920: The Making of Modern Wales

WHM1220: Class and Community in Wales, 1850 - 1939

HYM0410: Skills and sources of the historian: Picturing the Past





Dr Paul O'Leary, BA, PhD (Wales), is a specialist in the history of 19th and early twentieth-century Wales, especially its social and cultural histories. Among other topics, he has written on Irish migration, the history of minority ethnic groups, on urban history and the history of sport. He is currently interested in the international dimensions to the history of Wales by exploring relationships with Ireland, analyzing the impact of imperialism on Welsh life and by studying French-language interpretations of 19th century Wales. He was co-manager of the AHRC-funded Ireland-Wales International Research Network and is co-editor (post-1700) of the Welsh History Review. He is a member of the AHRC’s Peer Review College. He is also Director of Welsh Language and Culture in the Institute of Geography, History and Politics.


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Staff Publications

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