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Course NameVenueTownWeekdayTimeStart DateEnd DateTutor
Scriptwriting 2 [HA204W]Penbryn 5 (0.62 History) AberystwythThursday 6pm 01-02-2018 22-03-2018Bendelow, Sandra(Ms)
Writing Freelance Features [HA300W]Penbryn 5 (1.61 Welsh & Drama) AberystwythTuesday 09.40am 17-04-2018 22-05-2018Tremlett, Henrietta(Miss)
Words That Run With Wolves 1: Illustrating And Writing Creatively For Children [HA301W]University AberystwythTuesday 1.00pm 17-04-2018 22-05-2018Tremlett, Henrietta(Miss)
Scriptwriting 3 [HA302W]Penbryn 5 (0.62 History) AberystwythThursday 6pm 19-04-2018 07-06-2018Bendelow, Sandra(Ms)
Women Writing: Literature & The Second Wave Of Feminism [HA303W]Penbryn 5 (0.62 History) AberystwythMonday 6.00pm 23-04-2018 25-06-2018Head, Beth(Miss)
Creative Non-Fiction [HA306W]Old College - Languages Room AberystwythFriday 10am 13-04-2018 04-05-2018Jones, Liz(Dr)
Writing As A Creative Process: Text And Theory [HF300W]Wyeside Arts Centre Builth WellsThursday 10.30am 12-04-2018 14-06-2018Clough, Lara(Mrs)
Poetry Writing 2 [HF301W]Oriel Davies Gallery NewtownWednesday 10.15am 11-04-2018 13-06-2018Clough, Lara(Mrs)
Creative Non-Fiction [HF302W]Centre For Alt Technology MachynllethSat-Sun 10am 02-06-2018 03-06-2018Pendry, Helen(Dr)
Poetry Writing 1 [HF303W]Resource & Information Centre CrickhowellFriday 10.15am 13-04-2018 15-06-2018Clough, Lara(Mrs)
Writing As A Creative Process: Text And Theory [HF304W]Cemmaes Village Hall CemmaesWednesday 6.30PM 23-05-2018 11-07-2018Tremlett, Henrietta(Miss)

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