Tudur Davies
MSc, PhD (Aberystwyth)


Contact Details

Room Number..........:  4.21
Building....................:  Physical Sciences
Phone.......................:   +44 (0)1970 622813
E-Mail........................:   itd
Home Page...............:   Personal


Tudur graduated with degree in Mathematics from Aberystwyth in 2005. He continued to study here and gained a Masters degree in Complex Fluids in 2006 and a PhD in 2010. He recently worked as a RIVIC funded PDRA at Aberystwyth University, working on a joint project between IMAPS and Computer Science in visualization and modelling of complex materials. He is now a lecturer of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, working at IMAPS to strengthen the Welsh medium provision of Mathematics.

Research Groups

Research Interests

  • Applied Mathematics:

    My research interests lie in applied Mathematics, mainly in modelling the behaviour of complex fluids such as liquid foams using numerical simulation. I’m particularly interested in the interaction between aqueous foams and sedimenting solid objects. Using a quasi-static model, I have developed numerical simulations investigating this interaction in both 2D and 3D. Comparing simulation results with experimental data is another part of my research: I have developed a 3D algorithm that reconstructs aqueous foams from images obtained by X-ray tomography, using image processing techniques. Finally, as part of a RIVIC collaboration, I have worked on improving visualization of simulation and experiments involving liquid foams.

Teaching Areas

Modules Taught

  • CS24400: Scientific Python
  • CS24420: Scientific Python
  • MA10510: Algebra
  • MA10610: Calculus
  • MA25110: Introduction to Numerical Analysis
  • MA25200: Introduction to Numerical Analysis and its applications
  • MA25220: Introduction to Numerical Analysis and its applications
  • MA39910: Project in Mathematics or Statistics
  • MAM9720: Minor Project
  • MP12910: Career Planning and Skills Development
  • MT10110: Geometreg Gyfesurynnol a Fectoraidd
  • MT10310: Tebygoleg
  • MT10610: Calcwlws
  • MT11010: Algebra a Chalcwlws Pellach
  • MT11310: Ystadegaeth
  • MT25110: Cyflwyniad i Ddadansoddiad Rhifiadol
  • MT25200: Cyflwyniad i Ddadansoddiad Rhifiadol a'i gymhwysiadau
  • MT25220: Cyflwyniad i Ddadansoddiad Rhifiadol a'i gymhwysiadau
  • MT25610: Hydrodynameg 1
  • MT34110: Hafaliadau Differol Rhannol
  • MT39020: Cyflwyniad i Addysgu Mathemateg mewn Ysgol Uwchradd
  • MT39910: Prosiect Mewn Mathemateg neu Ystadegaeth
  • MTM9720: Prosiect Llai
  • MTM9840: Prif Brosiect



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