David Langstaff
BSc (Southampton) PhD (Aberystwyth)


Senior Experimental Officer

Contact Details

Room Number..........:  2.09
Building....................:  Physical Sciences
Phone.......................:   +44 (0)1970 621913
E-Mail........................:   dpl
Home Page...............:   Personal


Dr. Langstaff gained his first degree in electronic engineering at Southampton University, with a final year project developing an automated test system for characterisation of semiconductor devices produced in the Microelectronics Group. He went on to work in the Microelectronics Group at Southampton, working for the Wolfson Industrial Unit and the SERC funded Design Centre at Southampton there as well as a work with CAD data preparation for Electron Beam Lithography.

He moved to Aberystwyth in 1990 on a LINK funded project to design an Integrated Circuit to implement a Charge Detector Array for applications in Mass Spectroscopy. Following the successful conclusion of the project he joined a project to further develop the detector array concept for applications in Electron Spectroscopy. He was appointed as Senior Experimental Officer to CAFMaD in 2006. His main research interest is the layout of Silicon Integrated Circuits for detectors, taking particular interest in the efficient mapping of function and form. As well as his other duties, Dr. Langstaff is departmental Safety Officer for DMAPS.

Research Groups

Research Interests

  • My Areas of Interest are:
    • Instrumentation for synchrotron experimentation
    • Development of integrated charge sensing, pixellated imaging device for electron spectroscopy
    • Use of image processing to analyse data from high speed camera pictures of levitating liquid samples
    • Development of Instrument control software in Labview

Teaching Areas

Modules Taught

  • FG15510: Ffiseg Labordy
  • FG15700: Cyflwyniad i Ffiseg Arbrofol a Chyfrifiadurol
  • FG15720: Cyflwyniad i Ffiseg Arbrofol a Chyfrifiadurol
  • FG25520: Ffiseg Arbrofol
  • FG35410: Ffiseg Arbrofol (10 Credyd)
  • FG37500: Prosiect (40 Credyd)
  • FG37540: Prosiect (40 Credyd)
  • FGM5800: Prif Brosiect
  • FGM5860: Prif Brosiect
  • PH15510: Laboratory Physics
  • PH15700: Introduction to Computational and Experimental Physics
  • PH15720: Introduction to Computational and Experimental Physics
  • PH24010: Data Handling and Statistics
  • PH24520: Sensors, Electronics & Instrumentation
  • PH25520: Experimental Physics
  • PH33610: Semiconductor Technology
  • PH33710: Science of Semiconductor Applications
  • PH35410: Experimental Physics (10 Credits)
  • PH35620: Project (20 Credits)
  • PH37500: Project (40 Credits)
  • PH37540: Project (40 Credits)
  • PHM5800: Major Project
  • PHM5860: Major Project
  • PHM5920: Minor Project
  • PHM7020: Advanced Research Topics