Interdisciplinary Research Centres

Aberystwyth University has 8 Interdisciplinary Research Centres which bring together researchers from across the 5 Academic Institutes.  The IRCs build on our significant research strengths and partnerships to seek solutions to global issues through fostering trans and interdisciplinary approaches. 


Barrett Centre for Helminth Control (BCHC)

  • Director: Professor Karl Hoffmann
  • Institutes:  IBERS, IMPACS

Interdisciplinary Centre for the Bioeconomy (ICBE)

  • Director: Professor Iain Donnison
  • Institutes: IBERS, IBL

Stapledon Centre

  • Director: Professor Jamie Newbold
  • Institutes: IBERS, IGHPP, IBL

Interdisciplinary Centre for Environmental Microbiology (iCEM)

  • Directors: Arwyn Edwards
  • Institutes: IBERS, IGHPP, IMPACS

The Centre for Excellence in Rural Health Research (CERHR)

  • Directors: Rachel Rahman and Professor Reyer Zwiggelaar
  • Institutes: IGHPP, IMPACS, IBERS

Performance and Politics International (PPi)       

  • Directors Adrian Kear and Jenny Edkins
  • Institutes: IAH, IGHPP

WISERD-Centre for Welsh Politics and Society

  • Directors: Professor Mike Woods and Dr Anwen Elias
  • Institutes: IGHPP, IAH, IBL

Aberystwyth Centre for Space and Earth Monitoring

  • Directors: Dr Pete Bunting
  • Institutes: IGHPP, IMPACS, IBERS