Fitness Classes

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Our Classes


Aerobics is a great way to get fit - our enthusiastic instructors will lead you through a short warmup before building the class with peaks of high intensity interspersed with classic moves like step and touch, grapevines, knee lifts, squats, jacks... until you are sweating, enjoying, feeling great - just release your stress, have a laugh and get fit! A complete toning session at the end of your core to flatten and tone your stomach, sculpt your thighs and glutes. We hope you will leave feeling refreshed, re-vitalised and ready to face anything!

Abtastic Core

An excellent and effective 45 minute lunchtime workout that targets the core. Some mat work, some standing work, using plates, dumbbells and bands to maximise on your workout.


Boxing drills and skills in a circuit type session to get great fitness gains, upper body tone and definition and overall core strength. Suitable for all levels of fitness.


This is a fabulous dynamic, functional fitness class, based on the Muscle Max formula (Body Pump, Body Max etc) where you are led through a structured workout with free weights and dumbbells. It is designed to overload each of your muscles in turn in order to get a toned and honed body. This is a mixed class for men and women. Sets are worked in minutes with as many reps as possible in each section for a total hard core workout.


Bringing to you the best circuits session around.  Workout in our large Sports Hall with all the latest strength and conditioning equipment. Our motivating instructors bring with them a wealth of experience to plan an effective all over workout to maximising current fitness ideas to help you attain fitness goals. These time-based sessions enable all levels of fitness to work alongside each other. Come with your mates for some friendly banter and competitive drive. We have a special Teen Gym Circuit class on Monday 4 - 4.45pm for teenagers aged 12 - 18.

Dumbbell Workout

Come and join in the fun with our popular "Dumbbell Workout". Janet will motivate and encourage you to a toned body, working on those special areas like bingo wings, abs and thighs. Motivating, happy, friendly, using light dumbbells and great music.


High Intensity Interval Training - following a strict Tabata formula of 4 sets x 20 seconds work with 10 seconds recover - this hugely popular workout gives you great fitness gains in a motivating environment. 

Hip Hop Zumba

Great high energy Hip Hop Zumba classes with Ceri Davies who teaches this to the local schools.  Open to ages 8 - 12 and suitable for boys and girls who like to move it!

Step and Tone

Step is a great cardio workout with an approximate 800 calorie burn in an hour and toning all in one. 

Using some of the more modern way of training for a metabolic blasting session. Drop bodyfat and get fitter quicker with high intensity blasts in a maximising fat-burning setting. Step, sweat and enjoy.


Zumba  - a fusion of latin and chart tunes with amazing dance themes to make a dynamic, exciting and effective workout - suitable for all levels of fitness

Zumba Toning

Zumba Toning combines your favourite Zumba moves with light dumbbells to sculpt your body.