Power Circuits

A blast of a class that will test your fitness levels. A combination of upper and lower body work interspersed with aerobic and anerobic stations for an all over workout.

The circuit is usually time based, which means that if you are fatigued before the end of the timed session, you may rest. This type of work out means that you can achieve a workout whatever level of fitness you may be, as long as you are sensible and rest when you have reached your overload level.


Introducing Cross-HIT to Aber Uni, based on the latetest scientific research into fitness, we bring a high intensity, sports-orientated, Metabolic Condition session that is not for the faint hearted.  Utilising plyo boxes, ropes, TRX and kettlebells along side more traditional circuit stations, you will feel Boot Camp to the Uni - using the natural environment of the campus and the latest in fitness training equipment we aim to improve functional strength as well as challenge your fitness comfort zone.

  • Monday - 7pm - 7.45pm, Sports Hall with Michele 


Back by popular demand here is our boxing style circuit training session for you! Brining you maximum results through the incorporation of boxing sequences, drill and methods alongside dynamic core moves.

  • Friday - 6.00 - 7.00pm - Sports Hall with Sean Gorman