Sporting Benefits

Sports Activities

Brynamlwg membership entitles you to 50% off of membership of the AU Sports Centre - click here for details

(Please note that individuals entitled to Brynamlwg membership because they are AU Sports Centre 300 Club members, are NOT entitled to any discount on their AU Sports Centre 300 Club membership)

Brynamlwg supports and sponsors sporting and outdoor activities. Activities currently supported are:

  • The Clubhouse is the base for AU Commoners cricket team, which plays in the first division of the West Wales Cricket Conference.

The committee is always looking to add to these activities; if you have any suggestions for an event or activity that could be supported, send a message to Society.

Queen's Road Bowling Club

Club members are being offered a free 'taster' session including free use of equipment and instruction from qualified club coaches. Anyone interested please contact Harry or Pat Brooksby on 01970 617716. Please mention your membership number when you ring.