Welcome to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Based in the Visualisation Centre, the Vice-Chancellor's Office is the heart of the University as much of the business dealt with in the Office is directly related to the University's strategy and development. Members of staff based in the Office include the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Elizabeth Treasure, who is the chief academic and administrative and accounting officer of the University, with responsibility to the University Council. Alongside the Vice-Chancellor is the University Executive Group.

Main Responsibilities of the Vice-Chancellor's Office

The main responsibilities of the Vice-Chancellor's Office include:

  • Managing and co-ordinating graduation and other annual events.
  • Holding weekly and monthly University Executive Group meetings in order to check the progress of the strategic plan and make essential operational decisions.
  • Liaising with external contacts and partners to maintain excellent business relationships.
  • Dealing with any enquiries that students or staff may have and direct them in the appropriate way.
  • Prepare for any Council and other governance meetings accordingly and report to them any progress or recommendations as required.
  • Delivering staff talks to keep staff informed of present and future plans and achievements.
  • Working alongside other Professional Service Departments, in particular the Departments of Planning, Finance, Human Resources, Academic Quality & Records, Communications & Marketing and Development & Alumni Relations.


The Vice-Chancellor's Office consists of two types of staff that can help deal with your enquiries, the Vice-Chancellor's Office team and the members of the University Executive Group.

Please note, in order to follow the correct protocol, phone calls and meetings are booked at the discretion of the Executive Personal Assistants therefore, on occasions, Vice-Chancellor's Office staff will direct individual parties to the appropriate department who may serve as a first point of contact before speaking with one of the Executive members.

This ensures that your query is dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible, and that sufficient information is available for any subsequent discussion with the Executive team. To find out more about the Vice-Chancellor's Office Staff and the University Executive, along with their roles and responsibilities, please click on the following for their profiles or if you wish to see a hierarchal structure of the management in the Vice-Chancellor's Office then attached is an Organisation Chart:


The Vice-Chancellor’s Office is involved in hosting a variety of events which require hard work, dedication and teamwork for them to run as smoothly as possible. This can include celebrations such as Graduation and award ceremonies but can also involve Public Lectures, Open days or Charity events. If you wish to know more, the link below will take you to a contents page of the types of events that the Vice-Chancellor's Office and University Executive are involved in:

External Contacts

Building and maintaining relationships is important for the success and sustainability of the University. As such, the Executive team and the Vice-Chancellor's Office deal with many different external companies, university partners, and sector agencies. All these connections help the University flourish, and ensure that we are using our skills, insights and research in the service of society. For more information on our partners and external contacts, which may offer you an insight into the type of work we are involved in, please click on the link below which will take you through to a contents page:

We hope this overview has given you some helpful information about the Vice-Chancellor's Office, but please do get in touch with us if we can help further.