3.10 Resit Examinations Taken Abroad

1. Each candidate shall be examined in Aberystwyth save that, in exceptional circumstances, a candidate may sit a written examination at another approved institution or, under approved conditions, at another comparable institution or place. Approval may be given to such requests provided that satisfactory arrangements can be made for the examination by the Academic Registry. Students who choose to holiday abroad or take vacation work elsewhere will not be eligible.

2. Resit examinations being taken outside Aberystwyth must be taken at the same time as, or overlap with, the examination being held at Aberystwyth. They must also be taken at a suitable examination venue.

3. Further information for students is published on the Academic Registry webpages, and all requests to take resit examinations outside Aberystwyth should be submitted to the Academic Registry on the appropriate form by the published deadlines.

4. Students undertaking Aberystwyth University Modules leading to an Aberystwyth University qualification may be eligible to apply to resit in their home country. Resits for modules undertaken as part of an Erasmus or Exchange programme will be arranged directly by the student’s home department and not by the Academic Registry.