Dr Amanda Clare

BA (Oxon), MSc( Edinburgh), PhD

Dr Amanda Clare

Senior Lecturer

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I am interested in all genomics questions and in particular, in what we can do with computers (algorithms, data structures and artificial intelligence) to help answer these questions. DNA/RNA sequencing allows us to inspect the genetic composition of microbes, animals, plants and viruses, but after we have obtained the sequences, what can we learn? How are communities changing over time? How are enzymes within a community specialised for different roles? Can we find new sources of anti-microbials? How can we detect genes in communities of organisms that have never been cultured? I'm also interested in the ethical and moral implications of genomic technologies, and in how the public will react to this information.



I am interested in all aspects of bioinformatics. Recent areas have included genomics and metagenomics, primer design, genome modification and ecological trait databases. I have a background in machine learning and data mining, particularly in the construction and interpretation of explanatory models. I also collaborate with text mining researchers to analyse the structure of science and scientific publications.

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