Dr Angharad Shaw

BSc (Wales), MSc (Aberdeen), PhD (Wales)

Dr Angharad Shaw


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Primary and secondary metabolism, and post-translational protein modifications, as portrayed by proteomic analysis of Streptomyces coelicolorHesketh, A. R., Chandra, G., Shaw, A., Kell, D. B., Rowland, J. J., Bibb, M. J. & Chater, K. F. 2002 In : Molecular Microbiology.46, 4, p. 917-93216 p.
Histometrics: Improvement of the dynamic range of fluorescently stained proteins resolved in electrophoretic gels using hyperspectral imagingWoodward, A. M., Kaderbhai, N. N., Kaderbhai, M. A., Shaw, A. D., Rowland, J. J. & Kell, D. B. 2001 In : Proteomics.1, 11, p. 1351-13588 p.