Dr Laurence Tyler BSc (Manchester University) MSc & PhD (De Montfort University)

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UK Space Agency ``Mars Utah Rover Field Investigation 2016'' (MURFI 2016): Overview of Mission, Aims, and ProgressBalme, M. R., Curtis-Rouse, M., Barnes, R., Bauer, A., Bedford, C. M., Bridges, J. C., Butcher, F. E. G., Caballo, P., Caldwell, A., Coates, A. J., Cousins, C., Davis, J., Dequaire, J., Edwards, P., Fawdon, P., Furuya, K., Gadd, M., Get, P., Grindrod, P. M., Gunn, M., Gupta, S., Hansen, R., Holt, J., Huber, B., Huntly, C., Hutchinson, I., Kay, S., Kyberd, S., Lerman, H. N., McHugh, M., McMahon, W., Muller, J. -P., Paar, G., Preston, L. J., Schwenzer, S., Stabbins, R., Tao, Y., Traxler, C., Tyler, L., Venn, S., Wright, J. & Yeomans, B. 2017 Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.Open University Press, Vol. 48, p. 18371 p. (Lunar and Planetary Science Conference)
Design concepts and implementation of the Lightweight Advanced Robotic Arm Demonstrator (LARAD)Marc, R., Rucinski, M., Coates, A., Allouis, E., Garland, M., Lachat, D., Donchev, A., Tubby, W., Hampton, J., Kisdi, A., Woods, M., Filtcroft, S., Tyler, L. & Perkinson, M-C. 2016
PanCam on the ExoMars 2018 Rover: A Stereo, Multispectral and High-Resolution Camera System to Investigate the Surface of MarsGriffiths, A., Barnes, D. P., Tyler, L., Gunn, M. & ExoMars PanCam team 2015 46th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.Lunar and Planetary Institute, Vol. 46, p. 18121 p. (Lunar and Planetary Science Conference)
PRoViDE: Planetary Proves' Mass Vision Data ProcessingPaar, G., Muller, J. -P., Tao, Y., Pajdla, T., Morley, J., Willner, K., Karatchevtseva, I., Traxler, C., Hesina, G., Tyler, L. G., Barnes, D. & Gupta, S. 2013 2 p.
The PRoViScout Field Trials Tenerife 2013: Integrated Testing of Aerobot Mapping, Rover Navigation and Science AssessmentPaar, G., Tyler, L. G., Barnes, D., Woods, M., Shaw, A., Kapellos, K., Pajdla, T., Medina, A., Pullan, D., Griffiths, A. D., Muller, J. -P. & Long, D. 2013 8 p.
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